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Crave Podcast 58: Apple Tablet talk

Join the Crave Podcast crew for another awesome episode. This week we discuss hackers, fighter jets, Androids and aliens. Don't miss it

Wipe away your tears, turn that frown upside down and dance a jig, for episode 58 of the Crave Podcast is upon us. Over the last seven days we've seen and created enough news to fill a half-hour Internet radio show, and funnily enough, that's exactly what we've done.

Rupert (Lovedaddy) Goodwins and Nate (Yo, Homes) Lanxon kick things off by telling you how hackers could take control of fighter planes and kill us all. Then Kate (Maceface) Macefield gives us her take on the top ten geek haircuts, and sounds off about how aliens could be responsible for starting fires in your microwave. WTF?

Rory (50 CNET) Reid, meanwhile, regales us with tales of how your ISP could accidentally send you to Guantanamo Bay, why Google's Android could be utterly pointless, and even spills one or two beans the 'forthcoming' Apple Tablet PC.

You'd have to be some sort of fool not to listen. You're not a fool, are you? Good, listen to it right here. -Rory Reid

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