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Crave Podcast 52: Halo 3 makes gaming history

Time for your weekly eargasm, Podcateers -- this episode is all about the cashtastic Halo 3, horrid DRM, the tasty new Slingbox Pro, and the triumphant return of The Trial

Time for your weekly eargasm, Podcateers. This week we've enlisted the help of our resident games addict Nick Hide to discuss the merits of Halo 3. He'll give you the full launch lowdown, and towards the end of the show he'll even tell you how not to get falsely accused of benefit fraud. You can't buy that kind of knowledge.

Also in the show we tell you about cars that drive themselves, what we think of the new Slingbox Pro, applaud Amazon.com's DRM-free music store, and tell you why Windows Vista is turning into a total, unmitigated disaster. Although that last bit probably isn't news to anyone.

More importantly, perhaps, we've brought back The Trial! But rather than put something tech-related in the docks, we've put The Trial itself on trial -- to decide whether we should bring it back permanently. The results, as usual, are mildly humorous and potentially worth listening to.

Before we sign off, we discuss the on-going Crave tattoo competition, solve another of your tech riddles and talk about how you might be arrested by the FBI simply because of the way you write.

Download it, subscribe to it in iTunes, borrow it, steal it, whatever -- just listen to the thing. It's located here. -Rory Reid

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