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Crave Podcast 51: Hands up if you hate Steve Jobs

Rory returns to the helm to tell us exactly why he hates Apple supremo Steve Jobs, then interviews Nuts TV's gadget girl Emily Booth

Happy days! It's episode 51 of the Crave Podcast, and Rory returns to the helm and focuses all his pent-up negative energy on ranting about why he hates Apple supremo Steve Jobs. The pair have never met, never had a conversation or even unintentionally shared a girlfriend, but there's definite tension in the air.

This outburst of anti-Jobs vitriol is of course inspired by the poloneck-wearing overlord's arrival in little ol' London to launch the iPhone here in the UK. Our mobile phone expert Andrew Lim was at the launch and gives us the rundown -- apparently Steve wasn't met with his usual level of sycophancy from the assembled gentlemen of the press.

Also in this week's show, we discuss Google's $30m moon-landing competition. We'll also tell you how you can enjoy sharper images in Google Earth, so you can marvel at the seven wonders of the world, or (if you're that way inclined) spy on people at nudist beaches.

We also Skype the hell out of gadget totty Emily Booth, the girl that presented seminal gaming show BiTS, had a brief stint on The Big Breakfast, and played the vital role of 'girl on monitor' in sci-fi horror flick Event Horizon. You may also know her from the cult movie Pervirella, where she starred alongside Jonathan Ross, Mark Lamarr and someone called Sexton Ming. Seriously!

She's recently been hired by Nuts TV because she knows a thing or two about gadgets. Click here to listen to the show and judge for yourself. -Rory Reid

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