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Crave Podcast 47: Should Wi-Fi thieves be arrested?

Is stealing Wi-Fi really a crime? What does the president of Mozilla Europe think of Steve Jobs? And how do you control your MP3 player with your mouth? Find out in this week's podcast

The news this week that a guy has been arrested for 'stealing' Wi-Fi nearly caused a riot at Crave HQ. Ear drums are still reverberating following the debate about whether the man should be behind bars or patted on the back. Rory was so adamant that people who piggyback Wi-Fi should be locked up that he let rip in this week's Crave Podcast. Hear his bizarre analogies and let us know whether you agree with him.

We've also got a special treat for you this week. Our very own Rupert Goodwins interviewed Tristan Nitot, the president of Mozilla Europe, about the prospect of Firefox on mobiles and the "Job-opoly" that Apple is striving for. Listen now for some juicy open-source goodness.

Other news hitting the podwaves is the announcement that a UK-based school uniform manufacturer is considering putting GPS in children's blazers, a story about a Chinese couple that wants to name their baby '@' and the launch of Google Sky -- an very cool add-on for Google Maps that shows views of the universe.

We also discuss the merits of Samsung's YP-P2 MP3 player, marvel at Canon's 21-megapixel dSLR and debate the contentious news that Paramount will now only be releasing its movies on HD DVD.

Finally, we leave you with some jaw-crunching news from those crazy Japanese. Some bright spark has gone and developed a system that enables you to control your music player by clenching your teeth. WTF?

Let us know your thoughts on this week's episode by leaving a comment in the section below, emailing us at or posting your innermost feelings on our Crave Podcast Facebook group wall.

Click here to listen. -Kate Macefield

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