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Crave Podcast 46: StreetWars causes a splash

We've had a chat with 'Agent Fumblebum', who is playing a real-life game in which you are required to assassinate human targets with a water-pistol. Hear his strange story in this week's Crave Podcast

Agent Fumblebum* is playing StreetWars -- a real-life game in which you are required to assassinate human targets with a water-pistol, and be at constant risk of assassination yourself. For three weeks he's living in disguise, varying his route to work and stalking his victims. We catch up with the assassin in this week's Crave Podcast and ask him a few questions about his practices, including the role of Facebook in his mission. Prepare to be scared.

In fact, there's plenty to be scared about in this week's podcast, including the fact that one in ten MMO players have had a "physical relationship" with others in their online worlds. And a crazy platform where videogames are played by couples touching each other. Not to mention the fact that Nokia is offering to replace 46 million phone batteries.

On a calmer note, we have seen a lovely little sat-nav phone from Nokia this week -- the 6110 Navigator is an attractive handset with some nifty GPS software. Rich 'T' Trenholm, our digital camera reviewer, also talks us through some new cameras with impressive zooms.

Finally, in answer to the barrage of emails we got requesting the return of Rupert's rant, we let the crazy man loose on a mic, with some oxygen and a cool flannel on hand just in case. We know the score.

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And don't forget to click here to listen to this week's episode.

*Name has been changed to protect subject's identity.

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