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Crave Podcast 45: Adam Hart-Davis on Romans and ringtones

We caught up with the Tomorrow's World presenter to ask him about modern tech, and what the Romans would have thought of the iPod -- hear his thoughts in the latest Crave Podcast

Adam Hart-Davis, best known in our circles for co-presenting the iconic science programme Tomorrow's World, helped to shape our wacky ideas of crazy futuristic gadgets. We catch up with him in this week's Crave Podcast to test his knowledge of today's technology and ask him what the Romans would have thought of the iPod.

We've got a packed show for you this week. We talk about the launch of the new Apple iMacs, the arrival of Dell's Linux PCs in the UK and the Xbox 360s with HDMI that are now rolling out in the US. We also discuss how printers could be poisoning you with toxic particles, and get news on some rather cool shadow lamps, straight from those forward-thinking folk in Japan.

We've been craving some rather spectacular gadgets this week, not least the Lenovo ThinkPad T61, which features Wireless USB. And we couldn't let the launch of the new footie season pass us by -- we give our work-experience boy Sam a break from making tea and ask him for the lowdown on the best online fantasy football games.

Rupert Goodwins (tech's answer to Chuck Norris) gets his expert paws on an ebook reader this week -- find out what he thinks of the iRex iLiad's E Ink technology and its unique interface. And the Crave Podcast wouldn't be the Crave Podcast without some toilet humour -- those crazy Germans are now putting racing games in their urinals. Guess how you control your car...

Got something you want us to cover in a future episode? Or someone you'd like us to chat to? Email your ideas to, post them in the comments section below or join the Crave Podcast Facebook group and scrawl on our wall.

But before you do, click here to listen to the latest episode. -Kate Macefield

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