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Crave Podcast 44: Facebook apps get a pasting

Enough is enough! Rory's had his fill of Facebook apps -- so much so that he lets rip in this week's Crave Podcast. Find out why he wants them off his profile...

Facebook profiles used to be lovely, clean, white pages that were easy to navigate. Now they're splattered with blood from vampire bites, remnants of yesterday's food fight and obscenities scrawled on graffiti walls. Just where will this madness end? Rory makes his feelings clear about the rise and rise of third-party Facebook apps in this week's Crave Podcast.

Also stirring up the podwaves this week is the news that Sony's PSP is to get Sky's video on-demand, the threat of Facebook cybercrime and the death of BT's mobile TV service. For those who prefer hiding out in Second Life we bring you news of Jesuits who are taking their mission to the virtual world, and if you're following the Blu-ray vs HD DVD format war, you may be interested to find out the effect the Japanese porn industry is having on the battle.

This week's Crave section looks at the BBC's iPlayer, FM transmitters and a rather dubious £77 laptop. And get ready to drool as Rory gets his latest review laptop out, live on the podcast -- a gorgeous, shiny red Sony Vaio CR. Don't just take our word for it, you can check it out in our Reviews section. 

We also gave BBC Click's Richard 'gadget freak' Taylor a call from the studio and asked him for a few opinions on the week's tech news. Have a listen to find out how he rolls...

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What are you waiting for? Click here to listen. -Kate Macefield

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