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Crave Podcast 43: Do camera phones deliver?

Is it time to ditch our cameras and call our mobile phones to the front line? How do you ensure you never have to call your GP surgery again? Find out all this and more in the latest episode of the Crave Podcast

Camera phones have come a long way since the 2000 launch of the Sharp J-SH04 -- the first mobile to feature a built-in camera, complete with 0.11-megapixel CMOS sensor. We're now seeing handsets boasting 5-megapixel cameras, xenon flashes and Carl Zeiss lenses. But is it time to rid ourselves of the cumbersome compact and consider a phone for photography? Find out what our experts think as we put camera phones on trial in this week's Crave Podcast.

Also hitting the podwaves this week is news on Facebook's court case, Microsoft's announcement about its next version of Windows, codenamed 7, and details on a carbon neutral PC from PC World. We quack about a new service which lets you book a doctors appointment via your digital TV and discuss the dismissal of 29,000 sex offenders from MySpace.

Cameras are in the limelight this week. Richard 'Rich T' Trenholm, our Digital Camera reviewer, tells us why compact camera costs might spiral out of control because of a rumoured EC tax, and Andrew 'Moo' Lim gives us the lowdown on both the the 5-megapixel Samsung G600 and Motorola's kinky Rizr Z8.

As always the Crave Podcast likes to mix it up a bit -- this week we come to a flying finish as we dissect news of a car that takes to the skies. Well, the air anyway.

Got a burning question you'd like answered on air or simply want to say hi? Leave a comment in the section below, email us at or post us a note on our Crave Podcast Facebook group wall.

Go on, we dare you.

Click here to listen. -Kate Macefield

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