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Crave Podcast 39: Video game censorship on trial

Should violent videogames be banned, or should grown-ups be free to make up their own minds about what is fine art and what's just sick? Find out our views on videogame censorship in this week's podcast...

Should violent videogames be banned? Is it right that we should be told by committees which games are suitable for our sensitive little eyes? Or should we be allowed to make up our own minds about the levels of extreme violence we subject ourselves to? We wheel in our games expert Nick Hide and put videogame censorship on trial in this week's podcast.

Carrying on the gaming theme we also discuss the banning of ads for Burnout Dominator, whether there's such a thing as videogame addiction and Nintendo's Wii, which has been opened up to amateur game creators.

In other news we take stock of the imminent cut-price mobile roaming charges, Rory gloats about his foresight of an evident class divide on social networks and we marvel at the intense speculation surrounding the arrival of the iPhone.

Crave serves up some luscious colourful laptops from Dell, chuckles at the Big Job camera and asks whether you'd swap your mobile phone for a million quid. We also test-drive the TomTom One XL and hear from Chris about what we can see in the latest Space Bubble video.

We put Rory's knowledge to the test in the 'Rory knows...' section -- this week he answers your weird and wonderful questions about podcast kit and software, and who would win a fight between the Crave Podcast team and a blind gorilla.

Finally we leave you with an extremely extreme sport as we think about taking to the skies and beyond for a spot of space diving. Is hurtling through the atmosphere at 2,500mph our idea of fun? Listeners: if you're asking, we're hurtling.

Got some questions, feedback or suggestions for the team? Email us at or post your thoughts in the comments section below or on the wall of our Crave Podcast Facebook group.

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