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Crave Podcast 36: Are expensive headphones a con?

Can we really justify spending over a hundred quid on a pair of earphones? And if toilet paper could speak, what would it say? Find out the answers to these puzzling tech questions and many more in the latest Crave podcast...

Hands up who can justify shelling out over £100 for a pair of headphones. While we'll freely admit that we often go gaga over earphones that cost triple figures, trying to get our tight-fisted team to actually part with a tonne of real money for some glorified ear-plugs met with some serious opposition. So we put them on trial this week and they were cross-examined by our ruthless prosecution. Was the passionate defence strong enough to save them? Find out their fate in the latest podcast.

Also dissected in this week's show was the forthcoming US launch of Apple's über-hyped iPhone, Ask's assault on the kingdom of Google, free songs to the tune of and Toshiba's push for its HD DVD format -- coming soon to a laptop near you.

Our wicked podcasters also laughed at Nate for wearing what looked like some chunky "After Eight mints" (aka Etymotic's ETY8 Bluetooth headphones) in his ears, raved about the TVonics DVR-FP250 and saluted the Apple MacBook Pro's upgrade to the Santa Rosa chip.

As for those jinglers, they're back with another attempt to knock Nick Lansley's audio extravaganza off the top spot and win a SanDisk goodie bag. Keep them coming, they're really rather... interesting.

And what better way to end the show than with some good old-fashioned toilet humour -- talking toilet paper anyone? WTF?

If you've got suggestions for topics you'd like to see on trial in future podcasts, email us at, call our podline on 020 8113 4763 or join our Crave Podcast Facebook group and post your ideas on our wall. And don't forget to check in for next week's show. We've got a special guest star -- Jon Bentley from five's The Gadget Show -- joining us in the studio for some crazy tech banter.

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