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Crave Podcast 34: Is Wi-Fi a killer?

This week we put CCTV on trial, and ask whether Wi-Fi will rip our children's faces off and play frisbee with the skins

Welcome podophiles, open up your aural vents and bung them with this brand-new episode of the Crave Podcast. This week we're asking if Wi-Fi is more dangerous than a razor-blade lucky dip, and putting CCTV on trial.

We're also calmly pondering the wireless broadband features Sony will soon introduce to the PSP. And there's some great news about reductions in European mobile roaming charges -- they're going to stop ripping you off... quite so much.

If that's not enough to tighten your bandana, then witness us launch our new jingle competition, and pick out the five best games controllers of all time. Happy listening, geekpies. Click here to listen. -Chris Stevens

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