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Crave Podcast 32: How green is your PC?

Is your PC hastening the apocalypse, or is it a lovely, caring type that laps electricity gently and respectfully like a child suckling on its mother's nourishing breast? We decide in this week's podcast...

Is your computer a little metal hippie, or a horrible, belching mass of arsenic and lead? Only we in the Crave Podcast can decide, as self-appointed bastions of all that is environmentally good and true.

Other treats include the news that digg has had its stoner-hacker users up in arms because it censored stories that linked to HD DVD encryption codes.

If that's not enough to tickle your turnip, we also take a look at Apple's new green image, pick apart the BBC iPlayer announcement and try our luck at staying upright on the gymnastically challenging BT Balance. If you're very good, we'll tell you about the new and improved Xbox 360 chips, due to be released in the autumn.

If you're still eager for more after that, there's videogames, Santa Rosa, the iRiver Clix, Sony Ericsson W610i, T-Mobile Ameo, and a reflection on this week's battle between Mac OS X and Vista. Click here to listen.

Group hug! -Chris Stevens

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