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Crave Podcast 30: This time it's pearl

This week we discuss Web servers forced inside the husks of dead animals, and ask whether we really need operating systems at all...

Greetings Podypusses, it's episode 30 and golly gosh do we have some plush content for you this week! Resident mobile phone limpet Andrew Lim lays serious cusses on the Motorola Motofone and Rory Reid tries hard to convince us all that operating systems are redundant -- such as Windows and Linux -- in the face of Web-accessible software.

Meanwhile Chris Stevens probes the latest outlandish Apple rumours and Kate Macefield keeps the motley crew under control with Tasers and her rusty medieval torture equipment.

Tune in and bong out to the 30th edition of the world's finest audio experience. It's all free! Click here to listen.

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