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Crave Podcast 28: Mobile TV on trial

Will mobile TV ever be taken seriously by consumers? What happens if a real-life jet-pack runs out of fuel? And how can you get your grubby mitts on a stack of SanDisk goodies? Find out in this week's podcast...

Hey geeks! Feast your audio receptors on this! It's the apocalyptic showdown between mobile TV and rational thinking -- who will win? The mad, or the good? The latest Crave Podcast also tackles the practicalities of real-life jet-packs, as well as the latest developments in consumer tech.

Our discussion orbits the news that an Everest mobile call effort is underway -- apparently a British climber has begun an attempt to make the world's highest mobile phone call. We analyse the Apple/EMI deal, get hands on with the iRiver X20, give you a chance to win a bucket-load of SanDisk booty and bring you the latest in the HD DVD vs Blu-ray saga. Happy listening podonauts... to the stars!

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