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Crave Podcast 26: The PlayStation 3 has landed

Does anyone care about the PlayStation 3, or is it a shiny black box of pointlessness curled up on the couch of utter indifference? Find out in this week's podcast

This week we discuss the launch of the grossly maligned PS3, and ask: why did so few geeks queue outside our great nation's consumer electronics retailers to get their hands on its glossy husk? We also run our hypocritical gaze across the dirty bedsheets of the porn industry, pondering the wisdom of Ron Jeremy's appointment as a gadget guru -- is he really up to the task, or will his show be a massive anticlimax?

If that's not enough to tickle your mouse finger into giving us another ad impression, then consider the future of Google, which our team puts on trial in the pithily named Trial section of the podcast. Lock and load geeks, it's time to get funky.

Join Rory Reid, Andrew Lim, Rupert Goodwins and Kate Macefield as they explore the badlands of consumer tech and popular science. Click here to listen now.

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