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Crave Podcast 24: PlayStation 3 in the dock

We can hardly believe our brains! It's podcast number 24, in which we put the much-maligned, much-hyped PlayStation 3 on trial. Don't miss it, podheads

We can hardly believe our brains! It's podcast number 24 coming right at you like a Glock popping bad caps in a street hustler (that's you). In this week's show we look at the PlayStation 3 and ask: is Sony making a horrible pudding of its new console?

Yeah, that's right geekfaces, we're putting the much-maligned PlayStation 3 in our version of The Verdict. Except without Jeffery Archer. Is it the ultimate games console, or the dying gasp of the world's most-hated technology company?

If that weren't enough stimulation for your skull holes, we'll also tell you about the pigeons Chinese scientists are mutilating with electronics. Once the stuff is soldered in place, these scientists can manipulate the pigeons like radio-controlled aeroplanes. The question on everyone's lips is: "When can they do this to babies?" Click here to listen.

Take our hands as we skip into tech nirvana. To the stars, podheads, to the stars!


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