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Crave Podcast 23: Linux on trial

In this week's podcast, we put Linux in the dock -- is it time for it to die? Plus there's all the latest news from the tech world and the usual gadget tomfoolery

Join Rory Reid, Chris Stevens and Rupert Goodwins as they explore the latest developments in consumer tech and popular science.

This week we put Linux in the dock and give it a good old-fashioned going-over -- is it a utopian marvel of freedom or a total pain in the motherboard? The trial will decide.

We also bring you a quick run-down of the week's tech news, and help out a listener who has emailed us gadget-snuff movies.

There's joy and laughter aplenty elsewhere in the world, but this week's podcast is a sombre affair where barely a giggle was heard -- our team was so intent on bringing you frills-free information from the heartland of the digital universe. Click here to listen.

Happy podphreakin, geeks!

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