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Crave Podcast 18: The desktop PC is dead

Should young boys be arrested for opening their Christmas presents too early? And do you realise that desktop PCs are a dying breed? Get the lowdown on the latest tech news in our free podcast...

Rory Reid and his elves bring you another exciting edition of the Crave podcast, and this week they take a look at Christmas in all its garish horror. From the boy who was arrested for opening his presents early, to the latest in TV-enabled mobile phones, come gather under Crave's magical star and worship all that is the tempestuous world of consumer electronics.

They also ask if the new artwork on the Microsoft Zune installer is suitable for all ages, Rupert rants on the crazy warnings that Wi-Fi is bad for your health and Guy Cocker brings snowy greetings of the most perilous kind.

The show shines like a Christmas tree bauble, and the guests laugh merrily like Santas half-cut on Sherry. Conversation flows like mincemeat out of a hot baked pie, intelligent thought and opinion flickering occasionally into earshot like the distant bleating of a countryside choir. Load up your hamper, hand-crank the Model-T and get ready for a ride through the sparkling winter wonderland that is the Crave podcast.

Happy listening, reindeer geeks!

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