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Crave Podcast 10: Google on trial

Is Google the Hannibal Lecter of tech or a pioneer, revolutionising the Internet? This week's Crave Podcast has lively debate and outright slanging on this and much more. Your ears will never be the same again...

Google is watching you. It knows what searches you do, what emails you send, what's on your desktop, and it's even hoping to keep track of your TV habits.

In the latest episode of the Crave podcast we put Google on trial, with Chris Stevens arguing that it's the Hannibal Lecter of the digital world, while Rory Reid acts in its defence, asking us to embrace Google for its pioneering spirit. The ultimate decision rests on Judge Andrew Lim's shoulders...

Also discussed in the podcast are the latest developments in cryogenics research, the link between iPods and street crime and the wonders of the gigantic Dell laptop. Forget Honey I Blew Up the Kid, this is 'Honey, I blew up the laptop'.

To find out the outcome of the Google trial and much, much more, download the podcast from the Crave Podcast homepage. -IM

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