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Crave, in living color

Check out our first weekly video podcast

You know you like it. You know you want it. You know you Crave it.

But who has time to read the dozens of posts we churn out every day? Neither do we, and we get paid to do it. That's why we're giving you the best of Crave in our new weekly video podcast, featuring our very own Veronica Belmont and James Kim, to catch you up on the gadgets you may have missed--or, in some cases, should miss. Besides, even if you do read everything, it's never the same as seeing someone actually hold an item and try it out.

In our maiden video voyage, we show how much we love robots. Security robots, monkey robots, even a Wi-Fi rabbit robot that reads your RSS feeds, watches for new e-mail, tells you what the weather's like, and talks to you with a soothing British accent.

Just sit back and watch.


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