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Crave in Comments: We're seeing yellow

We've amassed another fiver of jollies from our audience.

Say hello to another week of amusing comments from our thriving community of Crave comedians. It's always a pleasure to read over the thoughts those of you leave each week, some carefully constructed, while others are sharper than damascus steel and aimed right at the throat. I'm merely sensationalizing the situation, and there is of course a good group of nice people here, too.

Forged in Pee whiz! Pollee, a urinal just for the ladies:

"This is just one of those cases where having a ***** (male anatomy) makes life so much more convenient." --by SirSam25

Forged in Star Wars: The Old Republic preorders now available:

"You had me at HoloDancer...bye bye $80." --by caulksplosion

Forged in 'X-Men: First Class' the first downloadable flick for Android:

"Good movie. Bad name. Bad poster. Bad marketing. Good movie." --by bamtan2
A bargain. Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Forged in Go-Guy pocket urinal solves a wee problem:

"Who leaked this story?" --by BigOkieTechie

Forged in Gold, diamonds, T. rex bones dress up priciest iPad:

"Yet, still, no Flash." --by Not_Your_