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Crave in Comments: Tree huggers and mind readers

It's Friday, which means its time to laugh. Or else.

Welcome to the 20th installment of Crave in Comments. It just seems like yesterday when I was begging Crave's head honcho, Leslie Katz, for a chance to write a weekly article featuring comments from the community. This is surely a time to celebrate. Did you know that traditional gifts for a 20th anniversary include fine china or platinum? I'll be keeping an eye on my mailbox.

In regard to Star Wars: The Old Republic release date revealed:

"How will this not be awesome. It will eat lives." --by gargamel360

In regard to Bose intros $2,500 sound bar system:

"No highs, no lows, must be Bose." --by Ricardo2001

In regard to Coffee-powered car buzzes past speed record:

"Rumours that the coffee is pre-percolated are groundless." --by Postulative

Who would think wood would be so expensive? KMKG Studios

In regard to Hair's to you! A geometric haircut for math geeks:

" go through this whole haircut/photo process but forget to trim the gray ear hair? Ewwww!" --by scurrlin1

In regard to New iTree sound system tree-hugs your iPhone:

"Perfect for the Steve Jobs Apple loving community. An overpriced block of wood for 15 grand.'" --by illbeyourmirror

In regard to Nissan developing car that reads your thoughts:

"My vehicle has had this feature for years. It's called - WIFE." --by BruceGil