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Crave in Comments: Swimsuits to soundproofing

It's Friday, which means we've rounded up some of the wittiest comments left by our Crave readers. Yee-haw!

Welcome to another rousing edition of CiC, where we reprint some of the best roasters, toasters, and boasters from the Crave community over the past week.

Did you like the fancy acronym? Many bothans died for that.

Anyway, it won't be much longer before it's time for the younger crowd to head back to school, a trusty sign that summer is coming to an end. Fortunately, here are some comments from our Crave readers that will (hopefully) put your mind at ease as you try and forget what I just said. Too soon?

Composed in Compostable swimsuits make a splash in Miami:

"I'd like to dive through HER dumpster, if you know what I mean." --by schattenteufel

After the da Vinci Surgical System helped repair the mother's weak cervix, she carried her baby to term. Intuitive Surgical

Composed in Viberect offers vibrating alternative to Viagra:

"I wonder if Weiner is one of the venture capitalists for this product." --by beowulf74

Composed in Take that, stork! Robot helps in birth of baby girl:

"If that thing floats into a room, and then someone says 'Let's discuss the location of the hidden rebel base'...I'm out." --by picardcake

Composed in Super soundproofing is all about little balls:

"And yet it still won't be enough to silence Fran Drescher." --by fudbuster77

Composed in Symform offers 100GB cloud storage for free, kind of:

"What a great idea! As soon as I'm done watching 'Gigli' on my 'Betamax' while sipping on 'New Coke,' I'm getting in on this!" --by smitchell75