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Crave in Comments: Now with more comments

Our weekly feature showcasing funny comments has double the content this week.

Today, CiC has more comments than usual for your consumption. We're not sure what it is about the last week of Crave stories, but there have been even more great and amusing remarks from our community than usual. Some jabs and jives from our jesters:

Freshly minted in regard to iFrogz case protects your iPad 2, battery life:

"iFrogz? It sounds like some spyware process you find running on your girlfriend's computer." --by Donniebrasco

In regard to Tagg Pet Tracker hooks Fluffy up to Verizon:

"So this tracker is not good for dogs under 10 lbs. Just as well, those yap-yap dogs aren't worth tracking." --by wapalouse

In regard to Minecraft maker offers to settle suit with trial by virtual combat:

"This is the way all patient disputes should be settled.'" --by cristate67

In regard to 'Big Lebowski' cast reunites for Blu-ray release:

"I shall celebrate with a White Russian." --by Notjub

In regard to Software can tell if you're mean and ugly:

"I love that Spock and Data from Star Trek are on there." --by SekureAtty

In regard to 'Woot' is officially a thing, according to Oxford English Dictionary:

"Further evidence (none was needed) of the decline of Western civilization." --by kpmsprtd

Perfect for your next haunted house. Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

In regard to Singing robot head could do duets with Chucky:

"I'm going to have nightmares tonight - and that head is going to be in it." --by Yelonde

In regard to Best Buy: Purchase an HDTV, get a tablet too:

"Well this is a way of moving what nobody wants." --by Scott_Garrison

In regard to Sony dives into sport optics with AVCHD binoculars:

"Wow. Sony has taken stalking to a whole new level." --by dagraham0