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Crave in Comments: Just remember to flush

Check out some of the more jocular comments crafted by Crave readers.

Last week I was at a certain establishment in Las Vegas than can only be described with that most pithy of adjectives, "douchetastic." I admire the creativity of whatever smirking scenester coined that gem, as well as the shiny nuggets that Crave readers shower us with daily. This week, Crave in Comments looks at borrowing toilets, Star Trek, and iPhone lunches.

Running along with It's about time: Nike sneakers go back to the future:

"We still don't have a working hoverboard. Just sayin." -- by ReVeLaTed

Haunting the topic of High-tech ghost town planned for New Mexico:

"Now if the politicians would only be willing to pay for upgrading and repairing the existing American infrastructure...'" --by solitare_pax

This could be a great way to meet new people. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Banging on the door of CLOO' app rents your restroom to semi-strangers:

"Can bathroom owners rate the people who 'borrow' their bathroom? Before I let someone in to use the can, I want to know whether that person is hygenic. Or a sex offender." --by BulldogXYZ

For Trekkies only, in the interstellar wake of 'Star Trek' Google doodle not ready to engage:

"The Trouble with Tributes?" --by dfsmith

Climbing along from $560,000 iPod dock requires a ladder:

"Kudos to Jean Michel Jarre for proving Warren Buffet's point that the rich need to pay more taxes." --by Mosephus

Carving up Sushi photo could come from the iPhone 5:

"Dang, that makes me hungry... What is the CNET staff having for lunch today? A heaping helping of tripe?" --by solitare_pax