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Crave in Comments: From Tweephone to PS Home

Want some Crave with a side of comments? Take a quick peek at some funny quotes from our community.

Our apologies for the somewhat delayed Crave in Comments. It appears the gods of computer instability were feeling generous enough to pay me a visit this weekend. Now that everything is back to normal, its time for that little slice of commenting heaven from our Crave community, which has worked hard to provide this feast.

In regard to Tweephone makes tweeting retro-quaint:

Extreme hipsters only. --by vAequitas

In regard to iPhone 4S bug silencing outgoing calls?:

Impossible, it's Apple, it's magical, it just works. --by boswd

In regard to Jawbone Up aims to get you healthier:

This looks like kind of cool, but I'm a sucker for gimmicky products. --by olive_juice_mean_I_love_u

In regard to Foxconn to build Taiwan 'robot kingdom':

I can't wait for the day when robots start jumping off the Foxconn roof. What will management do then? --by Marcus Westrup

In regard to PlayStation Home getting massive update:

It was a good concept, maybe the new Home that we're getting is an improvement...but if it's infested with loading screens and tiny socializing zones, then Home will just become a ghost town like it always has been! --by jonathan_a