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Crave in Comments: From Tron to Tim Cook

A double handful of some hilarious comments crafted by our community.

Last week's Crave in Comments trotted out a treasure trove of tremendous tirades. This week, the humor's even higher than it's hitherto been, as we dole out darn near a dozen doozies for your delectation. Could this pompous paragraph perchance be packed with any additional alliteration? Meh. Maybe.

In regard to 'Tron'-inspired scooter could make geek kids rejoice:

"OMG. Why couldn't we have had this when I was a kid? I would have foregone every birth and Christmas present for a few years if I could have had this." --by sdf0013

In regard to Friday Poll: Worried about phones zapping sperm? :

"I doubt that 'don't worry, I have a cell phone' is gonna convince any woman.'" --by WheresMyLisa

In regard to Azumio app turns iPhone into a stress gauge:

"I thought it measured stress by measuring call quality and dropped calls." --by drfillgood

In regard to The Thuggie: Latest trend in semi-ironic, pants-optional lounge-wear:

"That group photo looks like a mash-up of Teletubbies meet the Care Bears.... gangsta." --by tw1975

In regard to 35 percent of tablet owners take theirs to the toilet:

"All the more reason not to borrow anyone's tablet or phone." --by Dan_DTC

Terminator's hand with a paint job. ITK

In regard to Handroid is a low-cost, flexible robot hand:

"As with all technology, no doubt the first application will be the porn industry." --by realkato

In regard to Future PlayStations could read you like a book:

"Really... you would let Sony gather more data about you, only to watch it get stolen again by script kiddies?" --by Mr_Kit_Edward_Kat

In regard to Tim Cook: 'Apple is not going to change':

"Good luck Steve. Nobody wears jeans and black shirts with long sleeves better than you." --by robtimusprime

In regard to Sony gets serious with its SLT camera line:

"Love my Sony camera....but finding a lens at any local dealer is like trying to find a Yeti." --by Anjin3515

Keepin' it scary real in regard to Nintendo Wii Mario Kart bundle review: Is $150 still a good deal?:

"'Mario Kart's a fun casual racer?' There are many, many people who play MK online VERY competitively who would disagree strongly with this statement. I've just played my 10,000th online race after about 16 months, that's about an hour and a half a day, every day, for almost a year and a half. Does that sound casual to you?" --by greghodgaz