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Crave in Comments: From Superman to Star Wars

A new week of comments in high-definition quality.

Our first week with CNET's redesign has passed pretty smoothly. The format changes also will change how Crave in Comments is displayed, and I think it looks quite fancy. I'll even go above and beyond reason and say the comments are HD-quality. After a couple more redesigns, we'll be pitching you comments in 3D!

In regard to Man turns to surgery to become Superman:

He probably spends a lot of time in his Fortress of Solitude. --by mike_m_ekim

In regard to See Germany's nuclear plant turned family playground:

Laughing at the guy behind the car wrapped by mutant spiders. --by miky500

In regard to Japan building new power suit, rescue robots:

Since 1968 it has been considered a bad thing to name anything, "HAL". --by Yelonde

In regard to Darth Maul returns to onscreen 'Star Wars' universe:

I for one am thrilled that The Phantom Menace is getting the 3D treatment it deserves. When movies excel at what they do, then they should be upgraded and preserved and redistributed to the masses. The Phantom Menace was the best Star Wars parody film ever produced. --by GrimGalore

In regard to HP's solution to the death of print media: Buy more ink:

Year 2211. People stopped using airplanes in favor of teleporting. HP builds an improved gas engine. --by alegr