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Crave in Comments: From Star Wars to Samsung

Our new feature serves up some witty and thought-provoking comments from Crave readers.

Our new feature "Crave in Comments" highlights just a few of the many intelligent, provocative, and funny comments readers share about Crave stories daily. Every Friday, we'll showcase a handful of comments that caught our eye during the week. We encourage you to join the discussion and share your own opinions, quips, and creative suggestions. The more voices, the merrier the Crave chorus!

About Samsung Chromebook is interesting but incomplete:

"Chrome will sell some notebooks, but I doubt it'll change or revolutionize anything. In my opinion, Chrome is another marketing blunder waiting to happen. Google TV was the first. Personally, I don't like the idea of ALL of my files floating around on the internet. It basically turns Google into my computer and my laptop basically becomes a dumb terminal. I like being able to put my files on my own hard drive...because if I don't want my files hacked, I can simply unplug it. Android would make a lot more sense to market on a netbook." --by mcharlton1

About New, slicker Star Tours relaunches at Disneyland:

"I really enjoyed the new Star Tours. I managed to get on it 5 times during the annual passholder preview and was thoroughly satisfied. Different ride every time so far." --by i_run4fun

About How well does iOS 5 run on iPhone 3GS:

"Tech companies will forever take ideas from one another. In fact, the public expects these tech companies to match features with each other. Thus, Google will blatantly rip off Apple's cut/copy/paste functionality because it works better, and Apple will in turn rip off Google's notification system because it works better. If they didn't do it, then their customers would be mad. It has been happening for as long as we've had technology. Imagine if auto companies didn't implement anti-lock brakes after the first auto company (I have no idea which it was) did. It's not about individual features, but overall experience, and every mobile phone manufacturer will be competing to match features and improve the overall experience. It's how it works, folks." --by dustinsc

About Samsung gift to Cyanogen modders: Free phones:


"Don't forget that Motorola has taken notice of the hacking/coding community as well. Through collective community efforts, the Android community has been able to at least get the attention of the vendors who have the most say over the direction that Android eventually goes in, other than Google themselves." --by bplewis24

About What would Megatron say to transforming beer can?:

"Megatron: "You've failed me for the last time, Canbot!" --by Pirokasa