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Crave in Comments: From sexy batteries to swimming cameras

Ladies and gentlemen, rest your fingers for a moment. Here are just a few of the funny comments left on Crave stories over the past week.

There is never a shortage of comedians commenting on stories here at Crave. Once again, some of the more humorous comments left on Crave are under the microscope. We always welcome the serious stuff, but we also encourage everyone to leave lighthearted commentary if they're up to the challenge. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, after all.

Overheard in Arm electrodes to electrify your guitar skills?:

"I have no doubt a possessed hand could do many other amazing skills but I'd probably get censored for saying it." --by Seaspray0

Overheard in Teen girl allegedly offers virginity for iPhone 4:

"Interesting trade: sell your body so that Apple may own your soul." --by 40list04
Now those are some sexy batteries. Sanyo

Overheard in What is HDTV calibration?:

"The funny thing is the author is being totally objective and honest and people are calling him a scam artist. He even says that most people don't need and won't even like a calibrated TV and you guys are acting like he's a shill for the industry. Try reading the article before you respond. Its not like he's trying to sell you a $100 HDMI cable or anything." --by Petriedish

Overheard in Sexiest AA batteries ever:

"Vin Diesel approves." --by fleurya

Overheard in Self-propelled gut camera swims in your colon:

"I would've expected something more gerbil-like." --by myklwlym