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Crave in Comments: From recycled bras to brazen bills

Check out this five-pack of refreshing comments made fresh here at Crave this week.

Crave in Comments is sort of like a recurring awards show. While we don't have the funds to dole out fancy golden trophies and plaques for the standout comments of the week, you could win your very own spot in this feature. Like these five people:

In regard to Japanese turn used bras into fuel:

This definitely gives new meaning to the idea of "bra-burning." --by T-Guy

In regard to MacBook Air gets elemental with Earth, Water, Fire:

All we need now is the MacBook Heart. Then we will have the ability to combine their powers and bring forth an environmentalist edition of Steve Jobs' spectre to fight off evil corporations that are polluting the environment! --by Rozencrantz14

In regard to Spider Black Widow holster lets you quick-draw your camera:

Doesn't seem dorky to me to have a camera strapped to your belt. Then again I am a dork. --by OmniXVII

In regard to Friday Poll: Is Siri a little too friendly?:

I love Siri. No. I mean it. I'm in love with her. We are having baby iPods together. Turns out they are just iPod nanos. --by vandel212

In regard to $201,000 phone bill not a mistake:

I bet those two deaf brothers were able to hear their sister scream after she opened that bill. --by D_B_Cooper