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Crave in Comments: From Razr to iRex

The holiday season is approaching. Take some refuge in our featured comments.

This edition of Crave in Comments features another five reader comments from the week past that made me giggle or think critically.

It's important for me to surround myself in comedy with a dash of enlightenment during the winter months or I'll turn into a grinch. I've always wondered what it would be like to actually be a grinch. Do you think people would call you one during the holidays, or would they think twice?

In regard to Droid Razrs pop up for free, on sale, and rooted:

"I think its weird when people associate electronics with organic properties. "We took the DNA from the..." come on, it's plastic and metal. They don't have DNA. Weird. And people wonder why the younger generation is hard to relate to." --by cyfivirus

In regard to Call of Duty: Elite experiences rough start:

"The Modern Warfare series like Apple has built a name for itself; they can afford to make mistakes because people will still support them regardless." --by negativeone2

In regard to How are you celebrating 11/11/11?:

"The same way I celebrate every Friday. By drinking until I can't feel feelings." --by Brent212

In regard to This superhydrophobic coating is truly stunning:

"Just think of the possibilities if used on condoms." --by ljheat10

In regard to Humanoid plant workers wow crowds at iRex:

"This doesn't wow me. Anytime a robot takes a job from a human, I am not happy, unless it's for something like inspecting a volcano or defusing a bomb."--by TheFutureIsNow