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Crave in Comments: From poop-scooping bots to HP PCs

Here are some treats from our tricky Crave readers.

Halloween is nearly upon us, sure to usher in ghoulish tricks and treats. While I cannot give you any candy, I was able to find some tasty comments for you to nibble on until the big day. I'm still deciding what I want to be for Halloween, but it's very likely I will be Ace Ventura. How about you?

In regard to PR2 robot learns to scoop poop:

For 400,000 dollars (the cost of PR2), you could hire someone for over a decade to pick up dog poop. --by Paramorekor

In regard to AeroShot: Ditch the coffee, huff your caffeine:

I would love to see someone try to sneak something that looks like a shotgun shell through the TSA. What? This thing contains a white powder? I don't see any issues. --by Petriedish

In regard to Don't blink! It's a disappearing fruit label:

Good, maybe my coworkers will stop leaving those little stickers all around the office then. Seriously, these are friggin adults here! --by H00L1GAN

In regard to A gaming simulator like no other:

This is real cool until you brag to the 12 year old who decides to start going for ball hits rather than head shots. --by spyder3kgt

In regard to HP back in the PC game. Now what?:

What opportunity? HP is like the immature husband who leaves his wife, finds out he misses her, and begs her to take him back; there is no "commitment" there. No one sane is going to pay even as much as it costs HP to manufacture a consumer PC now; $99 is reasonable for a PC without reliable support. $400 and up is not. --by dumbspammers