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Crave in Comments: From mind bikes to drunk fliers

Several chucklers left by Crave readers are the main course in this week's serving of Crave in Comments.

The Fourth of July weekend was busy for everyone, but Crave readers still found time to leave some great comments. Perhaps hangovers bring out the best in all of us. Here's another round of amusing and thoughtful remarks found over the last week of Crave stories:

Muttered in Prius Project concept bike lets you shift by thinking:

"What happens when you see a cute girl while you are riding by? Will my brain make the bike stop?" --by gmoneyb

Muttered in How much dust covers your Wii?:

"I totally forgot I had a Wii. Thanks Jeff!" --by JeffoLife
I'm not sure if a big lens would fit in skinny jeans. Photojojo

Muttered in Little iPhone, big lenses:

"This seems like something hipsters would buy." --by kormiko

Muttered in 'Robopocalypse': Talkin' robot Armageddon:

"Humans do a pretty good job of being evil. I'd rather have robots running the world than the evil fools we have running things today." --by globalist_agenda

Muttered in Buckle up! Terrafugia flying car approved for roads:

"So now we have to watch out for drunk fliers?" --by solitare_pax

Honorable mention found in Compression is killing your music:

"Wow, by far the most informative story I have read on CNET in quite a long time. Keep it up! People really need to be aware of this raping of our music." --by dodgeman007