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Crave in Comments: From Iron Man to iBamboo

Our new feature serves up some witty and thought-provoking comments from Crave readers.

Our feature "Crave in Comments" highlights just a few of the many intelligent, provocative, and funny comments readers share about Crave stories daily. Every Friday, we'll showcase a handful of comments that caught our eye during the week. We encourage you to join the discussion and share your own opinions, quips, and creative suggestions. The more voices, the merrier the Crave chorus!

About Guy goes to work in homemade Iron Man suit:

"This man would make a lot of money if he could sell replicas of what he made. The irony would still say..."Made In China" --by ekimagem

About Xbox's original beast of a controller making a comeback?:

"Gah, I hated that big bastard... We used to play Halo at a buddies house and he had one of the original controllers and one of the S controllers, and we would always fight to use the S." --by Ross7406

About HTC quickly flip-flops; Desire will get Gingerbread:

"Oh, well somebody must have gotten a kick in the butt after that." --by Nataku4ca


About Steampunk laptop maker ready to take preorders:

"I have an Altair 8080 W/Behive terminal - 8 inch floppys etc, TRS 80, Victor 9000's, a Basis (runs CP/M and Apple Dos) a NEC laptop with dual floppys and a LCD BW screen. Maybe we could team up and make somthing really retro.." --by ckershner

About Get natural with iPhone bamboo speaker:

"Neat - You could probably do the same thing with a Pringles can I bet." --by solitare_pax