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Crave in Comments: From iHit to iBib

Take a look at a few snarky comments from Crave readers over the last week.

Time flies here at CNET, but that can't deter us from stopping to smell the roses, and the comments, and pick out the best and brightest candidates. So sit back, relax, have a drink, and read a round of amusing and thoughtful remarks found over the last week of Crave stories. As always, we encourage readers to chime in.

Discovered in The Move: Stick your iPhone to your clothes:

"The follow-up to this would be an iBib to cover your phone so you don't get food on it while you eat and/or drink..." --by SYang68

Discovered in Back Straight Boys want to fix your bad posture:

"So when is Apple going to sue them for this patent?" --by vAequitas

Discovered in A Star Wars video game unlike any other:

"I know this kid Andrew Wiggin (but everyone calls him Ender) who is a complete whiz at games like this." --by schattenteufel
Oh, jeez. Video screenshot by Tim Hornyak/CNET

Discovered in iHit case hides one 'cigarette' with your iPhone:

"How many people would really put a joint in there? I probably would." --by nauj_solrac

Discovered in Singing robot mouth wants to karaoke with you:

"Judging by the length of the device I don't think this was the designers' original/primary purpose." --by chammock2000