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Crave in Comments: From BigDogs to texting mania

Rest your tired eyes a moment with a hodge-podge of comments from Crave readers.

Another week means another gallery of reader comments for you to gaze upon. These words are like works of art that we get to reprint, for free! It's like taking a picture of the "The Creation of Adam" inside the Vatican even though a ton of signs indicate that if you do, an additional layer of hell may await you. I did it anyways, and the picture came out blurry. That's just my luck, I suppose.

In regard to Pew: One-third surveyed prefer texting to talking:

"Could you text me the poll results? I don't have time to read the whole rtkl." --by koviea

In regard to Angry Birds Halloween getups so cool it's spooky:

"Do any of them come with a giant working slingshot?" --by solitare_pax

In regard to Nikon reveals svelte mirrorless ILCs:

"Even without looking at its weak specs, it simply looks awful. It fact, it looks like something they used to make in USSR forty years ago. I am a very disappointed Nikon user." --by sevort

A decade of waiting equals a lot of expectation. Rich Brown/CNET

In regard to Laugh while you can at this BigDog robot video:

"I always feel a little bad for it when it stumbles and tries to catch its footing. Then I feel a little weird that I felt bad about it. Anthropomorphism of robots. I blame Disney." --by FargoUT

In regard to Blizzard pushes Diablo III to early 2012:

"I've waited 10 years. I can wait a couple months longer.'" --by robtimusprime

In regard to Friday Poll: Is the new Facebook look hot or not?:

"Dear Zuckerburg, Stop changing things. It makes me change my stalking pattern. Creepers gotta creep, ya know?" --by rok_starr