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Crave in Comments: From AMD to aiming pee

Our new feature serves up some witty and thought-provoking comments from Crave readers.

This week, we're rolling out a new feature, "Crave in Comments," to highlight just a few of the many intelligent, provocative, and funny comments readers share about Crave stories daily. Every Friday, we'll showcase a handful of comments that caught our eye during the week. We encourage you to join the discussion and share your own opinions, quips, and creative suggestions. The more voices, the merrier the Crave chorus!

From Microsoft criticizes Intel over Windows 8 comments:

"I like AMD's chips the most for one reason. Without AMD biting at their heals, Intel would have advanced much more slowly. They would have stayed with the NetBurst architecture much longer. The advancement to Core i series was driven by AMD. I also thank AMD profusely for the x86-64 architecture. Without their push, Intel would have stayed with 32 bits for consumer x86, and for 64 bit you would have had to go to Itanium. Bleah! Now ARM is pushing them to reduce power consumption. All good things. Intel has some very deep talent, but they don't put that to use without being nudged. It will be interesting to see where the ongoing memristor announcements from HP push them next." --by zyxxy

From More rumors that iPhone 5 may be 4S:

"4G isn't ready for prime time. The battery life is awful, the chips are too big, and it's not widespread enough to really impact the market. It's just making it past the gimmick phase right now." --by myles taylor

From McDonald's hires 7,000 touch-screen cashiers:

"Maybe my order will be right for once." --by andrup502

From USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt: Another standards battle in the making?:

"My prediction: it'll go just like USB vs Firewire. The computing world will choose backwards compatibility and convenience over a theoretically higher max speed. Everyone will embrace the significant upgrade. Apple won't support it, in favor of Thunderbolt, which will probably end up being the same speed in practice, so its users will end up either paying extra for peripherals that can't speak to any other computer, or sit around on USB 2.0. "Better" is often the enemy of good." --by jaguar717

From Urinal sticker aims to stem flow of dirty men's rooms:

"In case anybody is wondering, it's really not that easy to point and shoot. Accuracy depends on a variety of factors involving, er, the equipment. Men should know what I am talking about. Its hard for women to understand." --by javalon288