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Crave gets Buzzed Out Loud

I'm not going to pretend that checking out new tech in Las Vegas isn't a blast, but today I had a total bonus: recording's Buzz Out Loud podcast

I'm not going to pretend that spending a week in Las Vegas checking out all the most tripped-out new tech isn't a blast, but today I had a total bonus: getting to record's Buzz Out Loud podcast live from the CNET stage with Tom Merritt, Molly Wood and Mahalo Daily host and ex-BOL co-host Veronica Belmont. I'm not even going to try and pretend I wasn't exciting kinds of chuffed to be asked to be a guest.

Although the majority of BOL news tends to be US-centric, it was an enjoyable challenge to try and get a word in between the undeniably well-gelled banter of Tom, Molly and Veronica, despite having never heard of things like 'TigerDirect' and stuff we don't have here like 'DirecTV'. Still, there was plenty of UK-relevant business to complain about.

After you've finished hearing my out-of-place British accent bellow into a crowd of Buzz fans, make a note to yourselves that our own totally UK-focussed Crave Podcast will be recording live on the stage later this week. You'll be able to listen to Rory, Ian, Jason and myself show the Yanks how we do it London style, live and unedited. Do they know what they're in for?