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Crave Ep. 176: Phone dead? Give it a ride on this skateboard

The coolest skateboard ever can charge electronics. And it turns out frogs like smartphones, opening up a whole new potential market for device makers.

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This week on Crave, we entertain a captive audience of smartphone-loving frogs, teach a robot octopus to swim, and charge a dead cell phone with a skateboard. Plus, Harvard is looking for new innovations in soft robotics, and director Steven Soderbergh re-envisions "Raiders of the Lost Ark," sans color. It's the Crave show!

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Harvard wants everyone to build soft robots

Frogs captivated by video of worms on smartphone

Robotic octopus swims like the real thing

Steven Soderbergh strips 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' of color and sound

Skateboard charges devices, triples as a boom box

Smart windows create dance of light in response to wind and sun

Crave giveaway: Yantouch Diamond+ Bluetooth speaker and light show

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