Crave Ep. 145: Leave digital cookie crumbs all over with the GPS Cookie

The GPS Cookie records your movements for later use with Google Earth, we get the skinny on the large Google barge, and Lady Gaga is going to sing in outer space.


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This week we take a first look at the GPS Cookie which records your movements onto a microSD card. Lady Gaga announces a concert in space for 2015, and we can order pizza with a push of a button. All that and more, this week on Crave.

Crave stories:

- Lady Gaga to perform in space (no, really!)

- PiePal orders pizza with the push of a button

- Google: Oh, you mean THOSE barges

- UK's Tesco to scan eyes, target ads accordingly 

- Knock knock: App unlocks Mac with two thumps on your iPhone

- GPS Cookie tracks your trail of digital breadcrumbs

- Watch daredevil app user pay bills and evade bulls

- Crave giveaway: 240GB SanDisk Extreme II SSD

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