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Crave Ep. 141: Steve Jobs action fig now with Apple 1 accessory

Take a look at a hyper-realistic Steve Jobs action figure complete with a mini Apple 1, and watch as telescopes fire lasers into space.

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This week on Crave, we count down to our death with the Tikker wristwatch, go online shopping for sunglasses with a 3D avatar, and play with our new Steve Jobs action figure. All that, and some telescopes firing lasers into space, on this week's Crave show.

Crave stories:

- Tikker watch displays constant countdown to your death

- Eyewear shopping app turns your headshot into 3D image

- Massive chart compares more than 200 sci-fi spaceships

- Fox News' fairly vast, beautifully balanced new tablets

- Telescopes fire lasers into space in awesome time-lapse video

- Steve Jobs action figure sports youthful '70s mop top

- Video of angry woman using 'telekinetic' powers goes viral

- Crave giveaway: Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B2

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