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Crave Ep. 139: Pay attention or this car won't drive

NASA's Finder radar detects human heartbeats in disaster areas, and the Attention Powered Car slows down if you're distracted.

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NASA has created a briefcase-size radar system for detecting human life in disaster rubble. Plus, we take a look at the Rideye, a black-box camera for your bike, and take a ride in a car that won't drive unless you're paying attention.

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- Spin-chill a beer in 30 seconds with the Beerouette

- Do you need a 'black box' camera for your bike?

- NASA radar device detects heartbeats in disaster rubble

- 'Attention Powered Car' won't drive unless you're concentrating

- Cuomo promotes rest stops, parking lots as 'texting zones'

- Gold iPhone 5S sells for $10K on eBay, worth just $649

- iPhone 5S fingerprint ID seems to work with other body parts, too

- iPhone 5S film: Fascinating, fun look at Apple Store line-sitters

- Crave giveaway: Elev-8 Quadcopter Kit from Parallax

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