Crave Ep. 130: Thirsty? Drink your own sweat from the Sweat Machine

The Sweat Machine recycles your bodily fluids and purifies sweat. Awesome, but ew. We take a first look at robot skin, and we check out the DexType, one of the first apps for the Leap Motion.

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Sweden has invented The Sweat Machine for purifying body sweat into drinkable water. The Improv Anywhere group makes 7,000 people follow commands. And NASA goes out of its way to make us feel small and insignificant. Thanks a lot, NASA!

Crave stories:

- Bottoms up! Now you can drink the sweat from your shirt

- 3D-printed prosthetics turned into musical instruments

- Touch your robot, and its new skin will light up

- NASA photos show Earth from vantage point of Saturn, Mercury

- Why are those headphone-wearing New Yorkers crawling?

- Type in the air with DexType for Leap Motion

- Kevin Rose raccoon-tossing meme taking flight

- Crave giveaway: Comic-Con 2013 swag bag extraordinaire

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