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Crave Ep. 126: Your face, printed on a latte

Finally, we can see ourselves in our coffee. Also, an inventor shows us how to play Tetris on an LED tie, and dogs can entertain themselves with the iFetch automatic ball launcher.

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Let's Cafe prints images on the top of coffee, turning your cup of joe into a whole new visual experience. Plus, we help lazy dog owners play with their dogs without getting their hands dirty, and we also try on the amazing Tetris LED tie. All that and a little more on this week's Crave.

Crave stories:

- iFetch: Ball launcher keeps dog drool off you

- iPhone case? Game controller? It's both, and it's back

- Smartphone use may make you wussy, says Harvard study

- Tetris LED tie: Dress for retro-gaming success

- Latte printer puts portraits on your cup of joe

- Dresses writhe and glow only when someone is looking

- Crave giveaway: Boe-Bot DIY robot kit from Parallax

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