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Crave Ep. 125: Jam surveillance cameras with these 'fashionable' LED glasses

This week on Crave, we go incognito with some Infrared LED glasses. Plus, we check out an $8 million speaker system, and we make like E.T. and fly away on a bike.

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The National Institute of Informatics has developed infrared LED glasses that let you slip through an airport undetected by the NSA. We take a quick look inside home theaters built for a king, and Crave introduces a new segment called the Lego Block. Can you guess what it's about?

Crave stories:

- Privacy glasses screw with facial recognition systems

- Flying bicycle with built-in tent cruises at 4,000 feet up

- Buy a $900 Porsche designed for a 5-year-old

- $8 million speakers? Home theaters fit for a king

- 'Star Wars' gag brings mind control to elevator

The Lego Block:

- Mars Curiosity Rover gets second life as Lego model

- 'Wizard of Oz' Lego re-creation has rotating tornado

- Smash Lego atoms with a Large Hadron Collider model

- Lego makes beautiful music with the Sydney Opera House

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- Crave giveaway: Pick-Pocket Proof Pants for safe travels

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