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Crave at CES: Lightning strikes on day three

CES 2012 continues with the announcement of the Best of CES Award winners and some electrifying product demos. Check out Crave's highlights from day three.

Dong Ngo/CNET

LAS VEGAS--CES 2012 isn't over yet. In fact, day three of the show got downright electric with the announcement of the Best of CES 2012 Award winners and the chance to witness the powers of Dr. Megavolt. Get the buzz on what was hot right here in Crave's wrap-up.

• Drum roll, please. The Best of CES 2012 Award winners are ...

• Last year, Dong Ngo shot up a hard drive with a shotgun. This year, he watched as a IoSafe's Thunderbolt drive got zapped by a million-watt Tesla coil. We're definitely hanging out with him next CES.

• Chirp, chirp. Your phone is done charging.

• We still don't have an official release date for the Nintendo Wii U, but here's what HD Zelda might look and play like.

• The 36-inch EXOdesk touch screen is like the Microsoft Surface--but cheaper!

• These iPhone/iPad speakers hail from the future.

• Turn your smartphone into a spying robot.

• Would you dare drop a bowling ball on your iPad? The 404 guys did.

• Ahh! It's like 3D-printer "Inception"!