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Crave 71: Princess Leia's dirty secret (podcast)

Leia needs a fix, Jell-O needs grown-ups, and Eric feels the need to harmonize with hobbits.

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"Star Wars" is great, but "Star Wars" on your head is much better. The Crave team discusses this idea in depth in this first episode of 2012, along with Jell-O dispensers for grown-ups, StarCraft in Legos, and harmonizing hobbits.

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Episode 71

Adult Jell-O dispenser

StarCraft 2 Hyperion Battlecruiser in Legos

'Star Wars' headwear

Leia headphone covers

Knit Boba Fett hat

R2-D2 helmet

Geek News

'The Hobbit' trailer

'Prometheus' trailer

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