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Crave 55: Commander Riker's wingman (podcast)

There's no shortage of Crave-worthy gadgets to talk about, including the Sony S tablet, a Sony head-mounted display, self-inflating tires, and a fan that might eat your cat.

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Donald and Eric receive a record number of viewer e-mails, with tons of great suggestions. Stephen unveils his epic intro for Eric's Geek News segment. And of course, there's no shortage of Crave-worthy gadgets to talk about, including the Sony S tablet, a Sony head-mounted display, self-inflating tires, and a fan that might eat your cat.

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Episode 55

-Sony's S tablet hands-on

-Sony's 3D OLED head-mounted display

-A fan that follows you

-PumpTires self-inflate as you ride

Geek Pop

-Mad Men Marvels

-DC's new 52 relaunch

-Superman's new suit: The Man of Steel

Viewer feedback -- EMAIL

I watched your show today and, I like the way the podcast is done, but you can introduce more segments where you can please the hardcore tech guys news and mini reviews, have your future gadget tech and have the geek section (which I like it :D) and create jingles for these and people will love it!

-Reinaldo Quintero


I am a listener/podcast watcher for a long while. I just finished watching the Tuesday 23 Aug episode, and I must say that I thoroughly disagree with John from Seuol. I personally like the interaction and humor that you and Eric generate. I am a Cnet Podcast fan of BOL, The 404, Crave, and Car Tech Live; and I appreciate the ""departure"" from the norm of tech reporting that you all bring. If John wants normal tech reporting let him watch another show there is more than enough to satisfy his needs. I especially like Donalds pseudo-sort of-kind of-fake fear of technologies impact on our lives and the resulting consequences of our surrending to the robot horde. I for one will welcome and support our mechcanical overlords every wish. I look forward to rounding up all the neo-Amish luddites when the time comes... "you rebel scum." Love the show as it is.

Earl (from Texas)


Since you alluded to the fact that not many people send feedback about your show, I wanted to put my 2 cents into the bag. I love your show. Believe it or not, I usually find out about many random things from your podcast that no other podcast (from cnet or other places) even mention.I have to admit that sometimes the robots seem to dominate your show, which are not my personal interest. To be completely honest though, the main reason I watch and love your show is because of you two. Eric and Donald, you seem like some of the nicest, geekiest and funnest people I've ever watched. Anyway, enough fanboy love. Keep up the excellent, awesome and incredible work.

Your fan,

Aeziir (victor)


love the show! I've been watching since the first episode with just Donald and Jasmine (and even further back? i think Veronica Belmont was hosting something crave related at some point??), but I just wanted to say I think you guys are hilarious, and Crave is in my top two favorite podcasts of all time! (The 404 and Crave are always battling for the #1 spot) Also I guess I kind of agree with that other email you guys received, but only with the part about things you can purchase. I love the crazy, futuristic, completely non practical things you guys talk about, and I love it even more when they are crazy-futuristic things that you can buy, or import from japan, or even make yourself (the DIY stuff you guys talk about is awesome too) and I think the show would be lame if you just talked about external hard drives, and ipad docks and stuff like that, so I have to disagree with his email on that suggestion. The show is great, and I am 100% for Eric's geeked up ""meanwhile in the nerd universe"" segment thing! Side note: if crave were ever to do some music related segments i think it would blow my mind! Anyways I'll watch no matter what you guys do with the show. Crave FTW



I needed to send a quick letter to counter that South Korean letter you received. I think you are popular and enjoy your show. I don't care what everyone else says. You might say, who is this guy who knows what is and is not popular? Well, not to brag, but I am a CPFA. That's a Close Personal Friend of Al. Boo-ya! (Please see attached kick-ass picture)

Keep on, keeping on lads.


Michael Saffle


Greetings from rainy Edinburgh!

I'm fast becoming somewhat addicted to the CNET app. (Crave, BOL and the 404 are my fav. discoveries so far). I don't have a tv license - required for live tv viewing in the UK - and so CNET on my phone is proving to be a portable alternative.

Re. the email you discussed: good on you - stick to your guns - CRAVE can focus on the cutting/bleeding edge ...the nether regions between sci-fi and present technology :) ...all you need now is microphones and headphones cybernetically implanted...

Also the new segment 'Geek news' with anchorman, Marvin Gaye.. I mean Eric Franklin... was excellent.

As a sound designer and musician, I would be very interested in hearing about any related developments you might come across. If I remember correctly, Donald Bell is a musician?

All the best,