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Crave 32: Know your robots (podcast)

Giant robots that are technically aliens, tiny robots that are really just toys, emoticon keypads, and Nestle's gigantic stomach. All that and more, in this week's Crave podcast.

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This week, your regular Cravers are joined by special guest Brian Seitz, senior marketing manager for Windows Phone. Despite what that implies, we're largely up to our regular shenanigans. Namely, giant robots, anthropomorphized gadgets, and artery-clogging edibles. If that's not enough to pique your curiosity, we're hoping that Optimus Prime, an emoticon keypad, and a Jedi mind-trick of an iPhone accessory will draw you in. Plus, Jasmine actually ate this week's fat-worthy item.

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Episode 32

-Optimus Prime found in China

-Keepon robot selling for $40

-KNO tablet robot testing rig

-Emoticon keypad

-Control your iPod like a Jedi

-Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit

This is why you're fat

-Nestle's giant gut

-I ate that!